Radiotherapy is a form of cancer treatment, used either as main or more commonly as adjuvant therapy, to control or kill cancerous cells. It uses ionizing radiation that damages the DNA of cancerous cells resulting to cellular death.

Side effects of radiotherapy

Generally radiotherapy is a well-tolerated therapy, because it is a localized treatment. However to get to the place of the cancerous tissue the high energy rays have to pass through healthy skin, so some healthy skin cells are also affected and die. That leads to the most common side effect of radiotherapy which is skin changes, where the radiation enters the body.

Skin reparation process

Due to the destruction of healthy skin cells, the skin may appear sore and dry after treatment with an itchy and painful feeling. Even if the skin has the ability to recover quite quickly, when the sessions are frequent the balance between the destruction and the reparation is lost, as the skin cells do not have the time to grow back. Except from the uncomfortable feeling that this state causes it can also delay the next radiotherapy sessions. The solution to this issue is the use of Ariti 10GEL Kit that treats the side effects which occur on the skin during and after radiation.